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Did you know that from birth to age five, a child’s brain develops more than at any other time in life? 


At Mission First Early Learning Center, we believe a strong, early childhood education can shape the life of a child. In fact, the early years of development present the best opportunity for children to develop the connections they need to be healthy, capable, and successful adults. 


But just because we believe students should be in school, doesn’t mean we don’t think they should be active, playful, and having fun. Our approach to learning is hands-on, interactive, and engaging. Students participate in daily lessons that are reinforced by play. Whether it is painting, exploring a sensory bin, or going on a scavenger hunt, students are learning and having fun at the same time!


A visit to our campus is all it takes to experience the nurturing and caring space provided for each of our students. Stop by one of our classrooms and you will see first hand how our students are developing important, foundational skills that will be the building blocks for their education. Most importantly, all of our learning activities are centered around helping our early learners understand that God made them, He loves them, and He has special plans for them! 




Our classrooms are set up with table instruction and centers which reinforce the weekly theme and small group fine motor or letter of the week activities. Handwriting Without Tears sets the goals for the language, literacy, and handwriting components, Dimensions Math guides our mathematical studies, and the Jesus Storybook Bible is used for our Bible curriculum. 

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A child’s experience in Kindergarten should encourage their love for learning and start them on a successful educational journey. 


At Mission First Early Learning Center, our Kindergarten program is focused on teaching the whole child. Our curriculum offers our students a balanced approach of both academic and hands-on learning. What we have found is that children learn more when they are able to use all five of their senses.

Our Kindergarten teachers are committed to creating a nurturing environment that spurs on a child’s excitement and fascination for learning. Whether it's phonics or math, students are engaged in a multi-sensory approach to learning that is both fun and tangible. 

It is important for us to have a small student-to-teacher ratio, because our program involves one-on-one teaching and engagement. We will always be  focused on the learning needs of the individual student. By the end of the year, our classrooms will be filled with young readers, scientists, and mathematicians!


Our classrooms are set up with table instruction and centers which reinforce daily activities. SuperKids Reading sets the goals for literacy,  Handwriting Without Tears is our handwriting program, Dimensions Math guides our mathematical studies, and the Jesus Storybook Bible is used for our Bible curriculum. 


Our Kindergarten teacher is also Orton-Gillingham certified. 




It is important to us that all of our students have the opportunity to experience different learning environments. We offer four enrichment courses each week to both our preschool and kindergarten classes. In all of our enrichment classes, students have the opportunity to apply their learning in a new way! 


  • In Cooking, students use skills such as listening and following instructions, sequencing and sorting, and fine motor skills. 

  • In the Library, students have the opportunity to look at all types of books. They learn the concepts like author and illustrator, how to responsibly care for books (students get to check out and return books weekly!), and get to engage in a unique reading experience!

  • In Music, students learn about rhythm, rhyme, and memorization all while singing fun songs and learning about instruments.

  • In their Physical Education class, students work on coordination, balance, and exercise. They also learn about the importance of health. 

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