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Dear Jesus letters

Have you ever thought about what students would say in a letter to Jesus? Sometimes all you have to do is ask them. That’s what our students recently did as summer camp came to a close. They thanked Him for waking them up, their ability to walk, and getting them to camp at Mission First. Many thanked Him for sacrificing His life by dying on the cross to save us and filling "the gap that we made from sin." One student thanked Jesus for being with him through a bad doctor’s report and also through his grandmother’s death by saying He was always there.

As school begins, the anxieties and challenges of a new school year were very apparent in the students' prayers. Many of them asked for His protection and guidance throughout this year. They wanted Him to bless them in their academics, friendships, and even athletics.

A resounding theme, other than thanking Jesus for what He did on the cross, was a spirit of thanks for Mission First. So many of the students were thankful for the chance to come to camp this summer and learn more about Jesus and His word. Students prayed for the younger children and the volunteer groups as well.

Several knew that with the start of the school year, new challenges with peers and temptation could arise. One student wrote “I am a child of God and won’t anything change that.” Through this ministry, 16 lives were changed because of the Gospel - 16 salvation decisions. God is at work! He is moving in the lives of these students. As the school year has started and is going to get progressively more difficult, may we be lifting these students up to the Father that He would protect, lead, and guide them each day. May they feel His presence as they go throughout their weeks and feel His nearness and goodness.

Jesus said, "Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these." Matthew 19:14

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