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Another Exciting Community Helpers Week

We had another fantastic annual Community Helpers Week at our Mission First Early Learning Center. The week was filled with fun and interactive play-based learning all leading up to Community Helpers Day in which our own local helpers visited in uniform and gave students the opportunity to ask questions and tour their vehicles!

Our cafeteria was transformed once again into "Mission City". Students explored the stations by class and rotated uniforms and roles as they explored what it looks like to be a helper in our community. We love how much how students got into playing the parts!

Friday was our Community Helpers Day, and we invited our very own local helpers out to visit with students. We loved seeing students dressed up, all of the flashing lights and vehicles, and local helpers in full uniform. This day always brings so much joy to everyone!

Huge thank you to:

Fire Station 28

Durnham School Services

Vermeer Midsouth

Hinds County Sheriff's Department

Teachers, Staff, and Volunteers


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