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Community Helpers: A Week-long Experience at our ELC

Our Early Learning Center students experienced “Community Helpers Week” in which students engaged in activities that help them appreciate people in their community who work hard to keep them, safe, healthy, well-fed, and educated!

We had a visit from Chloe Ortega with WJTV who spent time interviewing ELC board member, Stephanie Henderson, and a few of our students! The interview was held in our Early Learning Center cafeteria that had been converted into "Mission City". Watch the full interview here.

Students rotated in their community helper role each day by playing a different part in their designated station including: farmer, police officer, bus driver, firefighter, doctor, construction worker, grocer, and postal worker.

Each ELC class toured our Mission First Medical and Dental Clinic. Students were shown how their vitals, weight, and height were checked in our Medical Clinic. In our Dental Clinic, students were able to get up close with dentistry tools and sit in our dental chair. Thank you to our Mission First Medical and Dental staff and volunteers for taking the time to show students around!

To close out the week, students put all they had learned together by meeting our very own community helpers. A firetruck, bulldozer, police car, and an army tank were stationed in our parking lot for students to explore! We loved hearing from the local helpers that do so much to keep us safe and protected.

Our ELC students were full of smiles during Community Helper Week!

Thank you to the following for making this week possible: CPT Martini Ford and SFC Billy McNairy from the 112th Military Police Battalion, Fire Station 20 in Jackson, Vermeer MidSouth, Hinds County Sheriff's Department, Jackson Police Department, Deputy Bell, ELC Head of School Jenny Blount, and the rest of our ELC Staff!


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