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Fairytale Week

The Mission First Early Learning Center staff dresses up for Fairytale Week

We celebrated the last week of October with our students by hosting Fairytale Week—a week of fairytale stories, decorations, activities, and dress up! We loved incorporating lots of books and reading time used to spark our students' imaginations. In reading fairytale books, students learned sequencing, story mapping, and vocabulary throughout the week.

We had a blast decorating our hall with a few of our favorite fairytale books and characters. "Little Red Riding Hood", "The Three Little Pigs", and "Goldilocks and the Three Bears" characters were painted and decorated on pumpkins.

We incorporated our fairytale theme throughout our enrichment activities during the week. In cooking, students made "Three Little Pigs" cupcakes. We also had many art activities such as making finger puppets and crafting crowns.

To top off the week, students from Hartfield Academy dressed up as fairytale characters and visited our campus. Our ELC students also had an opportunity to dress up in some of their favorite costumes! It was a fantastic way to close out a week of fun-filled storytelling and activities!


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