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He Knows My Name

Every week, Monday-Thursday, young men in grades 6-8 come to Peyton’s House. The boys receive one-on-one homework help, gain knowledge of world events, learn more about God and His Word, and are poured into by volunteers. This year’s theme is “He Knows My Name.” The students are learning about what that means. “Even if someone doesn’t call me by my real name, God knows it” said 8th grader, Quincy.

Quincy is one of the oldest students. He has been attending Peyton’s House since 6th grade. He remembers what it was like to look up to the older boys, and now he hopes the younger students will be able to look up to him. “I hope I can be a good leader for them” Quincy said. Quincy is learning more about God and growing closer to Him since he has been part of Peyton’s House. He talks about God being powerful and jealous saying “He doesn’t want people to believe in anybody but Him.” Like most boys his age, Quincy loves basketball and hopes to make his school’s team. His favorite subject in school is World History and he has goals of either being in the NBA or having his own business. He realizes that those goals will require a lot of work but he thinks that being at Peyton’s House will help him get there. “It means a lot and I’m real blessed to be here. A lot of people don’t have a place like this or opportunities to learn and experience stuff like we do here.”

Another student, Jake, just started coming to Peyton’s House this school year. He is a 6th grader at Blackburn Middle School and is already learning so much through his time here. He is enjoying learning more about God and creation. Jake enjoys how God talked to people in the Bible and how God talks to him now. Jake is excited to learn the creed of Peyton’s House in the coming weeks. Through his time here, he has been able to complete his homework and is learning more responsibility. Jake wants to be an Engineer when he grows up – he wants to make cars. He also wants a better life for him and his family as he is the oldest of 3 boys. In school, Jake loves Math and Reading. He is also part of his school’s band where he plays the trumpet. One of his favorite books in school is “Wonder,” a story about a young boy with a cleft lip. When asked what he learned from reading that book, Jake replied “never judge a person by his face or color.” He’s looking forward to all of the fun things they will do at Peyton’s House this year.

Another 6th grader, Kevin, has made the transition from the Mission First main campus to Peyton’s House this year. Peyton’s House is giving Kevin the opportunity do his school work while also learning more about God and how to grow closer to Him. Over the summer, Kevin accepted Christ while at a camp in Georgia. He is excited about learning more scriptures but says John 3:16 is his favorite. Since coming to faith in Christ, Kevin knows where he is going. “I know I’m going to Heaven. That’s my pathway.”

Peyton’s House is effectively serving these young men by offering them the help they need with their school work but also planting the seeds and laying the foundations they will need in the future.

“Now this is what the LORD says – the one who created you, Jacob, and one who formed you, Israel – ‘Do not fear, for I have redeemed you; I have called you by your name; you are mine.’” Isaiah 43:1

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